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The Dismantling of Genesis One

Your Bible has a beginning, the first chapter from which the whole Story builds, or potentially unravels. I’m of the opinion that it should be taken VERY seriously as a foundation not only for the Bible, but for our lives.

I’m also of the opinion that efforts to undermine the Scriptures as valid and true often start, if subtly, “in the beginning”.

There are two things uber-common in our culture that seem to attack and undermine the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis.


The lesser of two weevils, as they say, relates to the science around the origin of life.

Both Scripture and Science agree on this: there was a Big Bang, from which our universe instantaneously began in a cataclysmic explosion of light.

Astrophysicists now know that the values of four forces were determined less than a milli-second after the big bang: strong nuclear, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force, and gravity. Fred Hoyle, said his atheism was greatly shaken by the discovery of this “big bang”. ~ Eric Metaxes

God said “Let there be light”, kaboom, and the Universe was. We ALL agree it happened just like that - very quickly, instantaneously, in milliseconds.

We disagree on two points:

1) Who, or what, was the cause of the effect, this Big Bang.

I say God - science says "I dunno”. Science has no answer. It's a blank stare and drool.

2) How the Second Big Bang happened

The first Big Bang created the universe, but at some point a second one would have been necessary for life to start, where that first microscopic cells started living.

This is where even the Christian community starts to get a little confused as to what is true.

Again, we now know beyond reasonable doubt that the “first day” of Genesis was just that - a 24 hour day. Just like it says in the Bible. This is very important.

And Christians have traditionally believed that life came into existence on our planet exactly the same way we now know that the universe came into existence: suddenly, quickly, like POW!

From a simple reading of the text, and from what we now know about Day One, the natural conclusion is that everything comes into being the same way we know the universe did:

  • Day ONE: boom, the universe begins
  • Day TWO: the atmosphere is formed around earth
  • Day THREE: continents and seas are formed, plant life appears
  • Day FOUR: the solar system is set to ticking like a Timex watch that never quits
  • Day FIVE: sea and air dwelling animals appear
  • Day SIX: land animals, including mankind, are created.

When I was a kid, most people just accepted this to be the truth, that each day of creation was a 24 hour period - everything we know and see created in 6 literal days.

That's changed in recent years.

Today up to 50% of evangelical Christians believe that evolution is the best explanation for human life. Only 21% of Canadians believe the literal interpretation of Genesis . I’m becoming the odd man out.

Why Christ-followers are so quick to jump at an interpretation that takes a Personal and Involved God out of the equation absolutely baffles me.

That's why it's called natural, not super-natural selection. We take a great mystery, the origin of life, and make it a natural, accidental, meaningless, purposeless process of chemical interaction and fluke behavior.

The idea that those six days of creation are actually literary devices that conceal an evolutionary process of million of years, becomes problematic on a number of levels, but especially as it relates to the authenticity and relevancy of the very Gospel that is built on the foundation of a literal Fall, a literal original sin, a literal flesh-and-blood Adam and Eve (Jesus is called the second Adam, is he real?), a literal prophety foretelling Jesus’ advent (Genesis 3:17), a literal Satan, etc, etc, etc. Losing any one of those items to a non-literal view of Genesis has huge ramifications.

But what about evolution?!!

What about it?

It's still a theory, last time I checked. And the evidence we see (fossil record, rock formations, missing links, etc.) remains inconclusive - at best! For all the material written and all the proselytization spoken, Evolution remains a theory, nothing more. It is not, nor has it ever been, scientific fact.

Still, millions believe the propaganda with little or no evidence to suggest such a process. Some of you have so bought this theory - hook, line and sinker - that you find it hard to believe there's no concrete evidence. There isn't. If there were, even a scrap of evidence, let me assure you that the word "theory" would be dropped faster than a hot potatoe.

But let's be honest: so-called "natural selection" is so far fetched that it might be better named super-natural selection (a miracle of sorts, even if godless). I simply choose to believe the 6-day miracle instead of the trillion-year miracle.


And God created them “male” and “female”, with the mandate to have fun having babies (Genesis 1:26-28).

Later in chapter two, we’ll get more details about what took place here. God had created mankind, and saying it was not good for him to be alone, took from his side a rib from which he fashioned "a partner suitable for Adam” - the female. Her name was Eve, first of all women to walk the earth.

There are two assertions here, if you take Genesis literally:

1) That God created two genders: male and female.
2) That God designed the perfect partner for a man, the woman.

Call me an alarmist, but if you disregard Genesis as literal, you lose (or at least water-down) the foundational truths around gender and sexuality (or compatability). And humanity is left to decide matters on these issues, removing God from having any say. The Creator is now a sideliner at best.

For the record, I’m a simpleton, and I believe...

  • If Genesis says God created the universe/world in 6 literal days, it means He did it in exactly 144 hours.
  • That if Genesis is accurate, then it's also clear that God only gave two genders - male and female - and that a person’s gender is not a decision to be made but a reality to live with (indicated at birth by either the presence of a third appendage, or the lack thereof).
  • And that if the Creator of the Universe - think about it - says that a female is the perfect partner and compliment to the male, then it is what it is. And no matter how the created feel differently, the Creator is right.

Why is this the greater issue in the dismantling Genesis 1? Because messing with the way Creation happened is not going to change anything really (believe what you want, it doesn't change what happened). But messing with how God designed gender and sexuality is dire, and potentially devastating beyond words. Some believe (rightfully) that gender confusion and same gender sexuality are the beginning of societal collapse (ie. the Genesis Flood, or the Roman Empire).

In conclusion...

While the world (the Christian world included) deconstructs “in the beginning”, making it fit into a godless narrative, this pastor will hold fast that it still stands as straight-forward truth.

(A great video (in my opinion) showing the other side of the theory of evolution.)

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