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The Bible in One Sentence

Do for others what you would like them to do for you. ~ Matthew 7:12

Crazy. And then Jesus says that everything in the Law and Prophets (the Hebrew Bible, or Torah) is summed up with that statement.


It's an absolutely astounding assertion.

We've come to know it as the "golden rule", and most people don't realize it's a Jesus-statement. And one he endows with incredible weight. This is as big as the command to love. Perhaps it is bigger in that it gives a clearer sense of what that looks like.

How do you want to be treated? Treat others likewise.

Yesterday I was asked to help someone move. My oldest son Luke had just walked in. He'd just finished up a crazy shift, was tired. Think he felt like it? Probably not. But not a word of complaint and up we went, heeding the cry of "help". In the process I sprained my hip (weird, I know) lifting a tool chest. Would I like if someone worked so hard for me that they sprained something? Well, yes, I probably would.

Do for others...

I have a friend who was just recently diagnosed with stage four cancer. It's brutal. It's sudden. I offered to do absolutely anything, including but beyond prayer. I have a full life, but would I want someone to crowd up their schedule with the offer of help if I were battling for my life. Oh yes.

Do for others...

Ran into an elderly guy that needed help financially. I know you shouldn't give out cash, and as a rule I don't, but what would I want if the tables were reversed? I'd want a discreet "pentecostal" handshake, so that's what I did with the $20 I had. That may go against a lot of good wisdom out there, but it definitely fits in with the best wisdom ever given.

Do for others...

We were invited to party last week. Our host had initiated the event when she discovered (after the fact) that someone had not had a party on their 40th. It's cost her a lot of time. She went all out!! Think bacon-wrapped chestnuts. She obviously spent a good chunk of money. We had the time of our lives. The birthday girl was honoured. There were tears of happiness.

Do for others...

As I read that little statement from Matthew 7 this morning before work, I wondered what opportunities would present themselves to me today, to do for someone else what I would like to be done to me? Will I step up, and fulfill (as Jesus did) the law and the prophets?

Or would I wait, like most of us do, for my ship to arrive - for someone to do to me what I want to be done to me?

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