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Not Playing Games Anymore

NOTE: This was a piece out of my journal as I was doing listening prayer before the last Prayer Summit. This is what I felt Jesus was saying to me, and have re-written it slightly to reflect how I shared it last Sunday in one of our gatherings.

Evangel, we aren't playing games in this business of "kingdom come". This is no walk in the park, you're in enemies camp. Sennacherib's army is set against you (2 Chronicles 32), and he taunts you, and he wants to destroy you (John 10:10). Jesus is with you, yes (Deut. 31:6). And there are more for you than against you (2 Kings 6:16), but you must take this seriously. You need to walk closely. You can't follow the calling God has for your life unless Jesus is given the highest place, the HIGHEST place in your world, in your family, in your work.

Those that will be taken out will be the following:

1). Those that allow themselves to become disconnected, coals away from flame.

Press in to community.

 a.  The temptation to miss church, Heb 10:46
 b.  The temptation to walk alone
 c.  The temptation to try to make the nuclear family more than it was intended to be.  Don’t idolize the family.  You need the church.

2). Those that allow themselves to be offended, and for bitterness to grow.

Whatever it is, it's not worth it. Let it go. This is in direct connection to NO. 1, because the enemy will set you up to be offended, he will fashion a unique weapon against you, to drive you from community. He knows you’re protected there, but extremely vulnerable outside of that.

 - you never have the right to be offended.
 - that trust is earned, but also given
 - that survival is not the main agenda, protecting yourself is not the main thing.  Laying down your life is.

3). Those that take lightly the call to pray, to be OF prayer.

This is more than a prayer summit, though we need focal points like this (if you don't think you do, let me ask: "How's that going for you?").

 - Letting prayer slip down the priority scale.  It should be the most important thing you do in your personal life, and it should be the most important thing we do in our corporate life.

4). Those that refuse to let the deep healing, restorative work of the Spirit into their lives.

Judgment begins in the House of the Lord (1 Peter 4:17). Dealing with sin and brokenness will come upon you somehow, or you will welcome it with gladness.

 - character development is much higher on God’s scale of importance, than fruitfulness, or gifting, etc. etc.
 - you should brace yourself for a complete makeover.
 - nothing, 1) what life has thrown at you, 2) what your personality is, 3) what your religious background is, or anything else, should be a limiter for how you let God move in your life, shaping & transforming you.

5). Those who want more, desiring to take their place in a bigger story, but do not take the warfare seriously.

Don't ignore the enemy.

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